News Analysis

What does the future hold for Lane Kiffin?

This article focuses on how Lane Kiffin, current head coach of the Florida Atlantic University football team, has used the hills and valleys of his career to become a better coach overall. From his first job at USC, to his reign alongside Nick Saban at the University of Alabama, Kiffin has seen highs and lows that most coaches only dream of. By shedding light on not only his successes, but also his set backs, the article does a great job of being well rounded and showing Lane for who he really is. How his personality effects his coaching, and how he has evolved using all the experience of his past.

Stephen Piscotty Returned to Lineup Following Family Tragedy

Stephen Piscotty was added to the Oakland A’s roster for the first time following his mother’s tragic death. Piscotty was drafted by the Saint Louis Cardinals, but was traded to the Oakland Athletics when his mom took a turn for the worst. Despite his ability and talent, which would surely have had a positive impact on the Cardinal’s roster, the team traded him away as a sign of respect for the player and his situation. Piscotty’s story is an inspiration and shows a lighter, more humanitarian side of professional sports.

Mike James’ Request to Take Marijuana as a Painkiller Denied by NFL

Medicinal marijuana is a hot button issue, and seeing how it effects professional football allows us to see how these seemingly political issues effect all aspects of our society. Mike James, a free agent running back, filed a request with the NFL to use marijuana as a painkiller as opposed to prescription opioids. While it is commendable to see a player standing up for something he believes would help the players of the NFL, there could also be drawbacks to associating yourself with such a debatable subject. Especially as a free agent.

Brad Marchand on Licking Opponents: ‘I’ve Got to Cut That Out’

In a lighter, more humorous story, the Bruins Brad Marchand has been caught licking opponents when close during live NHL hockey games. While there is no injury risk, it is unsportsmanlike and not the image the NHL would like to portray with its players. NHL officials and coaches alike have issued warnings to Marchand telling him to “cut it out”. Marchand agreed in an interview with the Boston Sports Journal, but kept it light and humorous.

The Transformation of Ozzie Albies

With the Atlanta Braves showing signs of improvement thanks to their young talent, this article shines a light on one of the more consistent players in that young pool. Ozzie Albies has posted some incredible stats for a rookie under 25, and added some serious firepower to the Braves roster. The post goes in depth about how he has transformed his swing and defense to make him the optimal baseball player, showing his passion and dedication to the sport of baseball. It is very entertaining to see his progression from minor leaguer to a major league success.


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